Millions of Inboxes. All Yours.

Use any email YOU think up!

Can't think of one? Here's a suggestion:

Mailinator has millions of public email inboxes. You can use any one you want!

Use Any Inbox

Give out a Mailinator address anytime a website asks for an email address. Seriously, think one up right now!

Prevent Spam

Use Mailinator for when you don't want to get spammed at your real email address. Give'em Mailinator!

QA Teams Love Us!

Send your test emails here. Need API access or use Selenium? Or maybe your own Private Domain? Upgrade!

Email Auto-Deletes

Mailinator public email is auto-deleted after a few hours. Email to Mailinator is in the public domain.

Need Privacy?

Need millions of inboxes but need them private to you? Our Team subscription let's you have your own (private) Mailinator !

Upgrade Plans

Upgrade your Mailinator account to get privacy, storage, your own private domain, and API access!

100s of Domains point to Mailinator

Here's one now:
All email to this domain also arrives at Sorry, we don't give out the whole list, that would be silly.
Mailinator is your Second Inbox!

Actually, given you have millions of inboxes to choose from, it's more like your second, third and bazillionth inbox too (you get the idea).

Check out the cool video to see Mailinator in action.

Need Email QA Testing?

Mailinator's upgraded plans give you extra features.

Far higher rate limits, persistent storage, API access, and you can even setup a Private Domain (Your own private Mailinator!)